Not a fan of eating Seaweed?!!  I totally understand.  Nevertheless, I am here to remind you that sea vegetables are low calorie and are one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom!  For reals!  What minerals, you ask?  Magnesium, Iron, Fiber, Iodine, Calcium, etc, etc, etc.  Natural food-type stores offer the best […]


Chocolate and Coconut Pudding

Chocolate Pudding and Coconut Cream…trust me, they are bff’s.  If you were at our cooking demo this weekend, you can vouch for the simplicity of this pudding, for realsies.  Feel free to taste as you go, and add more/less of any ingredient if you desire.  Here are the base recipes for you to indulge. CHOCOLATE […]


Meatless Mondays.

 Here at Real Recipe Plans, we love produce!  WE LOVE IT! And in promotion of a “Naturally gluten, dairy and soy-free” lifestyle, we are huge fans of a plant-based eating mantra.  Real Recipe Plans was actually born on the realization that we need to cook and eat more produce. Simple. From here on out, Real […]


Organic Groceries?

  Organic: what does it all mean?  Many people think that “organic” is synonymous with healthy, while others associate the word with over-priced and expensive.  Simply put, organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, many of which have been proven to cause adverse health effects on individuals.  A question I am often […]

pumpkin smoothie

A Healthy Holiday Smoothie

‘Tis the season for Pumpkins and decorative gourds!  In the midst of the crazy awesome holiday season, you deserve to feel good.  Exercise, ample sleep (lazy naps included), lots of laughs and healthy eating will get you there. When it comes to healthy eating, my suggestion is to be prepared.  Healthy snacks are a great […]