When do I receive the Recipes?

After you purchase any of products here on the website, you will instantly receive a welcome email and a button link to instantly download your product.


How many servings do the Recipes provide?

Our recipes are scaled to 4 servings, and may provide leftovers depending on the hunger levels of those who are consuming your delicious meals!


Why Naturally Gluten, Dairy and Soy-free?

Gluten, dairy and soy are all very common food allergens, hidden in many processed foods.  They are also foods which cause inflammation for most, which is a health concern.  I’ve spent years tasting and developing naturally gluten, dairy and soy-free recipes which have drastically improved the health of my clients, students and even myself!  I use the term “naturally” to emphasize the use of real ingredients in the recipes, which makes it accessible to anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.


Do the recipes contain meat and seafood?

The ‘Vegan’, ‘Anti-Inflammatory Reboot’, and the ‘SIBO Baking’ contain plant-based recipes only.  And there are a variety of meat and seafood recipes in the other Plans. However, all menus have been designed so that substitutions can be made with ease.  If there is something on the menu that you are not fond of, please substitute another ingredient in its place and let us know how it worked out!  Be creative!


Where should I shop for my groceries?

It will be easy to find the ingredients, wherever you prefer to shop.  We  recommend shopping at your local farmer’s markets, co-ops or natural food grocery stores, when possible. However, we also realize that making the change back to cooking can be a huge step for many families. Shop where you feel comfortable!


How should I stock my kitchen with Staple Ingredients?

We’ve compiled a great must-have list of kitchen staples under the Essentials tab.  These Staple Ingredients provide a system for stocking your kitchen so that you can look through the pantry before heading to the grocery store, and prevent double-buying of staple ingredients.  We highly recommend stocking up on these ‘Staples’ so that you can have these great base ingredients available as you cook.


Is this a diet plan?

Real Recipe Plans offers delicious Recipe suggestions and is not a specific weight loss plan.  However, eating food that is fresh and preservative-free will have positive impacts on your health, especially in conjunction with adequate hydration and exercise!  We have had clients lose weight using our recipes and working in concert with a medical professional.


My kids are used to fast food, how will I get them to eat fresh food at home?

Research shows that kids are proud of what they make and more likely to taste it.  Get them involved by giving them easy jobs such as measuring, peeling or stirring.  We highly encourage that you sit down with them to dinner, and show them the value of a home-cooked meal and quality time together.


What if my life is just too busy to start cooking again?

We completely understand.  Our suggestion is to schedule your cooking time as a social event with your family or friends.  Put on some good music and bring the joy of cooking back into your life.  It’s a lifestyle and health change all at once.


What else?

Real Recipe Plans is an active website with a Blog, and various social media outlets.  Chef Kimi is living and breathing a healthy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest, and is on the cutting edge of the health and wellness movement.  She is constantly researching and updating as the seasons and ingredients change, and the Recipe Plans are reflective of this exciting progression.  Please feel free to reach out to Chef Kimi with any special requests or inquiries and follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram!  Yahoo!