Meet Chef Kimi

Meet Chef Kimi

As a chef, creating positive change in the food and health industry is my ultimate goal.  Cooking is the lens through which I view solutions within these realms.  By bringing back the ‘old tradition’ of cooking, we are re-introducing the importance of culture, mindful sourcing, sustainability, local foods, environment, and healthy living in general. Take a close look at the ingredients used to create a meal, and you will realize that they are a reflection of all of these topics, compiled into one cherry tomato, per say .  Lets simplify and bring the focus back to the little things; the ingredients themselves, basic cooking methods, knife skills, preservation techniques, recipes, menus, nutrition, farming, etc.  I’m excited to share this approach to food and to prove to you and the world that, “from little things, big things grow.”

I have had the pleasure of creating simple recipes, menus and meal plans for over 9 years and i’m thankful to blend years of culinary experience with a passion for nutritional awareness.  After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school, i’ve been able to work everywhere from Michelin-star restaurants, fly-fishing lodges, on private yachts, and teach classes to individual, kids and families worldwide. As a current Graduate School Professor at the National College of Natural Medicine, I am lucky to have the chance to teach future Nutritionists a variety of cooking classes that they can take out into the world.

I decided to create and launch Real Recipe Plans a few years ago, as a way to provide busy people like yourselves with simple recipes and plans to get back into the kitchen. You will see on the ‘Recipe Plans’ page that I have included many different options and addressed certain diets and dietary needs as well.  If you are interested in receiving specific recipes outside of our current offerings, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate your recipe needs.  Please enjoy your recipes and your time in the kitchen!

To your health,

Chef Kimi