Anti-Inflammatory Reboot


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The Anti-Inflammatory Reboot is your plan for 7 days of clean eating. Take a short break from your current diet habits and routines! Our packet guides you through 7 days of simple anti-inflammatory recipes to help you feel better and improve the way you eat.

The Nutritional Reboot includes:
• Information on how your body detoxes and how you can support it.
• Foods to eat and avoid for a cleanse.
• Recommendations on daily self-care to help you feel better, faster.
• 7-day Meal plan and recipes (vegan, gluten-free and anti- inflammatory).

Removing foods that you don’t need can be inspirational. Past Reboot participants have been so motivated by their cleanse, and sometimes even keep the reboot going for a few weeks!


“My Doctor recommended the 7-Day Reboot, and I was skeptical at first about purchasing this from the internet.  However, the packet included so much helpful information, which instantly put my mind at ease, and made me excited to partake in this program.  The recipes were simple and delicious, and I felt great after 7 days of clean eating with this program.”  -Lindsey

“Chef Kimi never ceases to amaze us with her delicious recipes.  I recommend this (the Reboot) to all of my new patients.”  -Dr. Karen, ND

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